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MARAM 2020 Christmas Gift Guide- Under 200$

Our most-loved Christmas gift selection for under 200$.

Treat your loved ones with a little bit of extra loving this year.

Here are our favourite 2020 gift idea's for uniquely luxurious pieces serving all the cozy vibes without going off budget.

Treat your loved ones with a little bit of extra loving this year!

#1: The Cashmere Sweater: The perfect "staying in" gift.

Everyone loves a baby-soft cashmere sweater! Choose a unique colour or bold graphics to make it extra special.

Here are our favourite ultra-soft cashmere sweaters:

#2 The PFH Scented Candle: A classic home gift.

You can't go wrong with this one! A scented candle is a great way to bring your loved ones a sense of calm and peace to their homes. What's great about a candle is that you won't need to worry about size and fit and your friends and family can light it up as part of their Christmas home decoration.

Our most-loved "PRAY FOR HUMANITY" candles come in two scents: the floral "Tuberose Saint" and the musky "Mystic Amber" (a great unisex scent!)- Plus a percentage of your sales will be donated to the "Mothers Matter" initiative: a win-win.

#3 The Unconventional Knit: for a playful twist.

Tired of the same old Christmas sweater gift? How about a knit piece with a plot twist?

Here are our favourite knit pieces with a little extra character for a memorable gift:

#4 The Power Tee: for a little motivation.

Everyone needs a little extra uplifting in 2020, give your loved ones a little bit of motivation with these playful slogan T-shirts.

Perfect for winter layering, here are our top T-shirt picks with just enough festive optimism:

What are your favourite pieces to gift this year? Let us know in the comments below and share with us your favourite MARAM pieces on @maram.official

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