The first new moon of 2021 is here, are you ready for this new energy of rebirth and new beginnings? Be sure to check out the accompanying meditation technique suggested by Haji Maa to maximize the benefits of this vibration.

This new moon, a pathway through which to achieve elevation not only becomes visible, but it feels doable and possible. The required shifts might initially startle you but astrologically speaking, know that your pull to change is safe.

Allow yourself to nudge yourself into an improved position and/or situation. Intentionally seek relief from tensed beliefs, relationships and any unfulfilling circumstances. Make the necessary changes to stay in this elevated spot once you do ascend to your broader view and higher ground. In order for the changes to stick, you may need to genuinely upgrade your mindset in some way. And vice versa, in order for the new mindset to stick, you’ll need to reach for the upgraded desire that matches your inner flowering. 


Prioritize your well-being during this new moon transit, so that you can maintain a stronger connection to your true calling as opposed to the miseducation of your fears. In other words, you may find yourself wisely doing more frequent check-ins with yourself to ensure that you can replenish your reservoirs of patience, of understanding, of openness, of imagination, of creativity, of confidence in setting clearer boundaries etc.


This new moon will feel like a welcomed recalibration with a deeper state of integrity. Adapt as necessary to your new and emerging truth.


Scroll down to discover the accompanying suggested meditation to uplift you during this new moon




Savour the pauses between each breath. Use the pauses as a moment to check-in. Enjoy the silence and the stillness and the saving grace of these lulls. Treat the pauses as though they were the most trusted place to find the answers to your sincerest questions. Linger comfortably there and wait. And whenever you are ready to resume the cycle of breath, experiment with guiding your future inhales and future exhales to a depth, sound and rhythm that is increasingly yummy each round, and as peace-inducing as you need it to be within any given moment. But ultimately let the dearly cherished in and out breaths serve as gateways to the goal of arriving and surrendering to the transcendental pauses.

Written & Channeled by: Haji Maa