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This new moon is a time of glimpsing the early blooms of a flowering state of acceptance and serenity.

Gaze at your inner subjective states and moods and your outer circumstances, with equal amounts of attention and care. Balance the amount of time spent inward and spent outward. And as you witness it all, try not to assess it in terms of good or bad. Detach from prescribing or reading into anything.

Instead, contemplate it in terms of:

-What is firm and unwavering?
-What is a blank slate, completely open to changing?
-What could go either way?

Now change what you can and let go of the rest. This new moon is enlightening us on how to soften into what is.

Simply allow life to be what it is. It was here long before you and will go on long after you’re gone. Appreciate the flavor and the meaning you’re able to draw from what you are witnessing and living through. Soften and accept what is, inside and outside. Things could be much better, yes, but they could also be much worse, and so just be here with whatever is occurring at this moment in time. It’s an immense privilege, if you think about it, that you’re able to experience any of it first hand. It’s all shaping your life and informing you on how to better connect, how to better express, how to better absorb, and how to better finesse your purpose and the role you envision yourself playing while you’re still here in a body, within this film we’re all in.

This version of you, here and now, as the sentient being that you are, this is genuinely the best you can do and be and feel at this moment, if that were not true, you would be someone else right now. Since this is who you are, embrace it, make the most of it. Know that with every experience, every moonrise and moonset, with each passing breath, you have the opportunity to draw in inspiration from the entire cosmos, and more and more, if you want to, you can learn how to grow and overflow and if you want to, little by little you can learn how to shed and let go and be freed.  Meet yourself where you are this new moon. Hold your ground and accept the you of now. Clear the air of any self-misunderstandings. Allow yourself to simply be, as is, and be as mindful and supportive as you can to the natural trajectory and awareness that’s unfolding, and gently guide yourself into deeper states of fulfillment, in time.


Scroll down to discover the accompanying suggested practice for this new moon

MINDFULNESS PRACTICE: Softening the gaze 

As you look out into the world, or inwardly in formal meditation, soften your gaze. Relax the forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, muscles around the eyes, eyeballs, temple, jaw, ears, neck and fists. A soft gaze is a compassionate one. Take on a literal posture of compassion. Embody the mood. Soften the gaze and sip the breaths towards you, as opposed to looking out into the world with hard/harsh eyes. Gaze out as though you were looking at the Beloved. Breathe as though the breath that caresses you as it enters and leaves your body, is that Beloved, gifting itself to you, wholly, no questions asked.

Written & Channeled by: Haji Maa

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