The last full moon of 2020, lighting the sky up on December 29th brings a powerful and reflective energy to our collective consciousness. Dive into this month's lunar reading channelled by Haji Maa to discover how you can use this powerful energy to heal, regenerate and turn a new page for 2021. 

MARAM has always been a brand that's deeply rooted in more than clothes. At MARAM we believe in the power of universal energy, unified consciousness and the higher good. 

This core belief system has always been embedded through subliminal messages and design elements in all our pieces and collection concepts. 

We always believed that clothes carry an energetic frequency and have the power to bring an uplifting sense of peace and joy. This is why we are continuously dedicated to using the creative power of fashion and design to inspire, enlighten and uplift. 

“Lengthen in your strengths. What missions do you feel responsible for advancing? What dreams do you feel responsible for introducing?” - Haji Maa

We wanted to take you a step deeper into our dream universe by bringing you powerful insights channeled through lunar readings by the magical Haji Maa. 


Scroll down to discover the full moon reading, take a moment to reflect on each question and have the courage to continue on your path with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation.




This final full moon of 2020 will have you oscillating from vision to willingness to correct action. It will be a time to gain perspective and to initiate calculated risks.


Look at the larger storyline of how you personally got to where you are today, as well as to how your ancestors ended up creating someone like you, and to how global culture evolved into what it is at the present moment.


As you contemplate your personal evolution, the evolution of your genes, and the evolution of human culture, remember you are new. And your newness is your superpower. Get very clear on exactly what it is about you that is new and refreshingly relevant to this specific era. Lengthen in your strengths. What missions do you feel responsible for advancing? What dreams do you feel responsible for introducing?


Visualization will be key in helping you gain clarity on which routes to take. Visualize several alternate realities. And when you’re in that realm of potent possibilities, take a moment to feel yourself within each vision. Wait for a clear and definite bodily sensation of confirmation on which is the correct vision to pursue. Then take concrete actions in the real world and contribute to creating what you feel is best, what you know and feel to be most necessary and worthwhile.


This full moon, ask yourself: “What’s next? What’s best?”

Written & Channeled by: Haji Maa