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This full moon, your heart will be unfolding and rebalancing itself and quenching your thirst significantly in the process. Contemplate how you’ve been oppressed and/or exiled by forces outside of you as well as by your own brutal inner judge?

Pull some of your radiance and brilliance out of storage and soak up its sunshine again. And safe-keep some solid gold for a later adventure. Certain dreams and gifts need a breather ASAP, give it to them. Certain others need to be let back into your world with as much urgency, offer them a seat at the table this full moon.


Can you view your life within a 120 year arc of time, in which all things were allowed, and you didn’t need to become anyone in particular but instead were free to just flow out of love? What is the order in which you would sequence the magic and the bliss and the peace you wish to witness and experience first hand?


If you’ve found yourself looping into cycles of distraction or defeat, this full moon throws you a life line to begin the process of easing you back you into into a healing blueprint to assist with your present day challenges. With a newfound commitment to your wellness, you may find yourself able to notice that you are currently in an oasis and just need to be patient with what you’re up to. Or you may decide that it’s best to move on from a hostile environment and find more fertile ground to re-plant yourself in. Or you may decide that where you want to be is in a space you once had to leave, and you allow yourself to begin the journey back there.


This full moon, as heightened levels of love and vitality return, let your heart have a say. Get a genuine feel about your circumstances and how best to best survive and thrive and be well long-term? Put first things first. Devote yourself to the radical rejuvenating act of executing and following through your heart’s step one.


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As we enter a Mercury retrograde, from January 30, 2021 to February 20, 2021, stress responses may be loud and immersive, but know that they are also normal part of being human and that they are highly intelligent responses and can inspire profound healing. What physical, mental, energetic or spiritual signs let you know you are being triggered into stress? What symptoms or diseases do you tend to get stuck in?


How can you better respond to your known triggers and assist with your pain, your ailments and your suffering? What does emergency relief look like for your body? For your mind? For your energy? For your soul? In your relationships? In your career? When triggered to peace out from your centre and its flow and you are called to fight, run away or freeze, how do you find peace again? How do you prolong your hard-earned states of peace and love? Pre-plan responses to your usual triggers and experiment with solutions to find some genuine relief from what chronically and acutely plagues you.

Written & Channeled by: Haji Maa

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