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Take a moment to find a better balance between your need and desire for support and your need and desire for space.

Take into consideration some of the more long-term subtler challenges you have always struggled with and ask yourself: “How can I create more harmony here?” Contemplate the sustainability of the life path you are set on as well as the sustainability of your current circumstances. Is the future you’ve aspired to still relevant and meaningful to your present? Is your present honouring the future you deserve? Re-harmonize both sides by giving yourself adjustments in the realm of support and in the realm of space.

With regards to support, come to know what supports you incredibly well and come to know what supports hold you back. We all have things that require strengthening and so intentionally be more supportive while those aspects of your life heal and become stronger. It is also normal to let go of certain things that were amazingly supportive once upon a time. And it’s also normal to keep certain rocks by your side, as permanent saving graces. Lovingly and kindly, soften into support that is appropriate and effective, and soften your hold of what’s no longer working.


With regards to space, do you need more space inside yourself? In other words, space from thought patterns, space from certain overwhelming beliefs and feelings, space from tension in your body? Or do you need space from something/someone outside of you? It’s normal to also just simply be seeking more sensitivity and more awareness of the spaces you exist in. And it’s normal and healthy to occasionally seek to buffer and insulate from unsafe spaces. Lovingly and kindly, expand and/or contract, as much or as little as you’d like, whenever necessary.

Allow yourself to restore flow. Flow between rootedness and ascension. Allow yourself the right amount and the right types of support, and allow yourself the right amount and the right types of space and ethers.


Scroll down to discover the accompanying suggested practice for this full moon


Step 1, describe the synopsis of your life so far, in three or so sentences, first viewed as a terrible film, then;


Step 2, take the time to spin the story and rewrite it into an intriguing work of art.


Step 3, begin here and now, to take even the littlest appropriate action or perhaps the grandest of gestures, (and everything in between) and begin to materialize the work of art film that you envision is your life, materialize it into the space of your world.

Written & Channeled by: Haji Maa

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