Imagine you were trying to physically land on the moon successfully, with the hopes of then creating a life for yourself there. Based on our current technology and human knowledge, the trip on the spacecraft would take about three Earth days for you to arrive on the lunar surface, having begun your trip on the ground, here on Earth.


You will certainly be required to surmount numerous known challenges, like gravity, radiation, dust, extreme temperatures, very little breathable oxygen, etc. And certainly, some of the main components that will be necessary for the execution of your moon dream, do not even exist yet (i.e.: the lunar city still needs to be built!)


However, you know, deep down at the level of your bones and deep down at the level of your soul, that if you were to reach the moon, and get to live there, the sense of fulfillment would be indescribable. It would be the ultimate, the absolute.

Using the moon as a metaphor for an ambitious aspiration that gives you all the best kind of chills and all the best kind poetic meaning and sense of purpose, declare your ultimate dream, declare your ultimate identity. First declare it in writing, then out loud, then whispered softly, then repeated mentally, then invoke it as just a sensation, like a noticeable, unspoken, healing presence inside of you.

Some of us will physically end up on the moon in the future, and some will be on the moon in spirit, and everything else in between. We are all different, and the different phases of the journey have different significance to each of us. There’s a whole constellation of associated activities within lunar missions. There’s a whole constellation of varying degrees of preparedness for lunar landings. There’s a whole constellation of devotional practices revolving around adoration of the moon.

Only you know by the way it feels, if you are where you are supposed to be. Only you know by the way it feels, if the goals you are pursuing are true to your essence. Only you know by the way it feels, if you are settling, or overwhelming yourself, or doing great. Only you know by the way it feels, what exactly you need to push through, and persevere with. Only you know, by the way it feels, what you need to back off of and release.

Dreams are incredibly real and incredibly strong. They have lasting power, even though they may change in time, but they come to stay.  So, honor the magnitude and the magnificence of your dreams and your well-wishes for yourself and our small region of the universe. Ask yourself: “What are the challenges I am conscious of within my dream’s path?” Get creative about how to work around those things. Give yourself some room to make mistakes, some buffer time to work out blind spots and to deal with unforeseen obstacles. Give yourself enough time to succeed and eventually excel, find joy and ease, find your unique expression of what matters most to you.

In other words take your time with your dreams, treat them, then process them. Yourself as well as the future recipients of your overflow, as though it is all precious energy under your care. Ask yourself: “What are the logistics of me being able to truly pour from my heart and soul? What are the logistics of me feeling genuinely full, and genuinely recharged enough to be able to fulfill my chosen dream’s path?”

Stick with your dreams. They matter. You noticed them for a reason. Trust in that. They are your base. Whole lives can be built solidly on dreams. Dreams are also your beacon, they are trustworthy sources of guidance. It’s normal for some dreams to feel like a stretch. Know that it’s not always about arriving on the moon, or living there. Oftentimes, what matters most is participation: full participation in the execution of the lunar mission, full participation in the accomplishing of the lunar base, full participation in whatever comes next. Be with your dreams for the long haul, win or lose. Aspire to live a life, full of enjoyment and devotion to the moon you seek, come what may.

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“I allow myself to dream. I allow myself to remember my dreams. I allow myself to honour my dreams. I see my dreams all the way through. I am prepared for my dream life. I am trusting in my timing. I am trusting in my pace. There are many paths to my dream life, and I am finding my way. Certain paths may not end up being a match, but I am finding my way. I am finding creative solutions for any constrains and limitations I face. I am stretching and expanding myself to better support my dreams and to better support my dream life. I am elevating myself to be there for me and my dreams and to be there for their future and mine in the ways we deserve. I am on board with my dreams. My dreams make me happy. I am following my dreams. I surrendering to my dreams.”

Written & Channeled by: Haji Maa